Does Agile, or Scrum Specifically, Work?

Articles are often written asking the question posed in the sub-title for this article. Every time I see that type of question, I wonder if the author is somebody “trolling” to get either a response or another read. Alternatively, could it be that the author has not yet achieved agile clarity (enlightenment)?

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There is a difference between knowing something and understanding something. This applies to any field of knowledge that has a practical application. Knowing a subject will allow you to “parrot” the information back. Understanding will allow you to explain clearly to someone else and also to apply the…

The impact of meetings on agile development teams

A man checking his watch for the time
A man checking his watch for the time
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In my article, “If Estimating Work Needs To Be Reliable, Why Use Story Points Instead of Time?”, I discuss the reasons for my preference for advocating the use of story points for estimation of Product Backlog Item size. Although my preference is to avoid using time for this purpose, time is still an important consideration when optimising workflow in the team.

There are only so many hours in a day. The same holds true for the developer day, especially as we embrace the concept of sustainable pace. For guys working a typical forty hour week, we can then divide that…

The Argument for Relative Estimation Using Story Points

We should choose the most appropriate method for measuring something.

I have often asked myself the question, “Why do my teams fail to fully grasp story point estimation?” Thinking about it, I had to take a different approach to explain it to them.

One of the impediments to our understanding of any concept is our failure to recognise how our cognitive biases affect our perceptions and decision-making capacity. We shall discuss these biases in another article but. let’s discuss an analogy to illustrate the point.

Have you ever watched a sporting event between two teams then listened to the coaches of those teams after the game? Although they both witnessed…

The Argument for Colocated Teams

Sharing ideas, gaining consensus.

Making the Case for Colocation

What is best for agile software development teams, to be colocated or non-colocated? I have worked with teams of both types, however, I do confess to a personal preference of having the team colocated. The reality of working during the COVID-19 pandemic means that our choice is limited but that does not negate the need to identify what is best for our teams.

One great advantage for Scrum Masters in meeting the need to facilitate improvement in team productivity and quality is to be able to take a psychological view of the team. Being able to observe and interpret how…

Scrum Master Recruitment

Scrum Master Vacancies

Let’s Establish Some Context

There is always some anxiety associated with the recruitment process to fill an open position. The recruiter wants to ensure that they hire a suitable employee and the job-seeker wants the job. We need to bear in mind that this is a two way process.

Everyone should be able to understand the recruiters position in this. I think the process sometimes gets lost on the job-seeker. Understandably the job-seeker wants to pass the interview and get the job but is this the right role for them?

To Recruiters

You know the process. The hiring manager somewhere in the company gets approval to…

Seamus Connolly

I am a Scrum Master in Galway, Ireland. I am sharing ideas. Take what is useful, reject the rest.

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